Elim Show 2020 Update
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Elim Show 2020 Update

With everyone’s safety in mind and very heavy hearts, Scott’s Garage has decided to cancel this year’s 2020 Elim Benefit car show.

For those that have pre-registered & craft show vendors, there are 2 options as to how we can handle your fee/donation. We can either refund your fee/donation or you can DONATE your fee to Elim (preferred as our donation this year will be significantly lower than what the show usually raises). Keep in mind that the need for your support of Elim continues.

On the plus side, Scott’s Garage has decided to still have a special edition 2020 Elim Car Show t-shirt!

Car owners & craft show vendors that donate their fee to Elim, we will be giving you a 2020 Elim car show t-shirt! We will be handing out these special edition t-shirts on June 27th from 11am-1pm at Elim as a DRIVE BY CAR SHOW! If you are unable to come then, you are welcome to pick up your shirt from the shop. Anyone that has not pre-registered can still get in in the 2020 Elim Car Show t-shirt by driving by Elim on the 27thand making a minimum $20.00 donation!

We understand this doesn’t come close to replacing what would have been our 10th Annual and best Elim Car Show, but is our way of still involving the car community with a very worthy cause. Our contribution from last year’s show helped to fund Hope Packs which provide work for Elim workshop employees as well as food and school supplies for the recipients. If you are able and want to support this worthy project, there will be a collection bucket for contributions at the drive by show.

Scott’s Garage thanks you for your understanding during these constantly changing times and look forward to handing you a t-shirt on June 27th 11am-1pm at Elim!

Thank you,
Scott and Paul


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  • Ralph "Randy" Swanson
    May 26, 2020, 5:46 pm REPLY

    If I would like to make a donation to Elim, can I do that during the Drive-By Car show on June 27? Who would I make a check out to?

    Yes, of course, make a registration fee a donation to Elim! And thank you for putting on this event year after year.



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